Stainless Steel Cam Buckle 38mm Hardware Snap Cam Buckles High Quality

1 Inch 250kg Black e coating Metal Cam Buckle Tie Down
Break strength:250kg.
Width:1 inch ,25mm
Material:zinc alloy ,black e-coating

Product Details
We always adhere to the "quality, reputation" as the purpose of service, and our heavy duty cam buckle straps, 1 inch cam buckle, 250kg metal Cam Buckle have been gradually developed overseas markets. The company has gradually stepped into a virtuous development track, ushered in a vigorous development of good situation. We strive to deeply integrate with high-quality development, echo and promote each other with high-quality development to form a virtuous circle. With increasing competition in the market, more and more companies have improved their competitiveness with high-quality, personalized products and services.

1 Inch 250kg Black E-coating Metal Cam Buckle Tie Down

NameMetal Cam Buckle Tie Down
1 inch 25mm
Break strength
Zinc alloy,black e-coating
Delivery time5 days
SampleProducts free, express cost paid by client

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Our comprehensive quality system and service system ensures the reliability of every Stainless Steel Cam Buckle 38mm Hardware Snap Cam Buckles High Quality, so that our customers do not have to worry about anything. Internally, we create hope and future for our employees; externally, we create harmony and progress for society. We often keep in touch with our customers to ensure that products and services are strictly close to the market, so as to provide customers with timely needs.
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