Cam Buckle Strappings and Belt

White 550Kg Metal Cam Buckle Tie Down Binder Strap
Break strength:550kg
Cam buckle material: Zinc Alloy metal

Product Details
We take the customer's demand as the standard, takes the advanced technology as the support, takes the scientific management as the foundation, wholeheartedly provides 25mm metal cam buckle, metal cam buckle tie down, Zinc alloy Metal Cam Buckle for our customers. We always insist on the training and construction of core team and professional talents, and have forged a core team with broad vision, strong career spirit and excellent professional talent. We need to strengthen the construction of corporate system culture while focusing on the construction of value concept system. All of our employees know that the combination of different perspectives and perspectives will bring better results. With its excellent price-performance ratio, perfect after-sales service, and continuous expansion of market share, our products have gradually determined the leading position in the industry. With full enthusiasm, we will continue to innovate, carry forward our brand, realize product diversification and serialization.

White 550Kg Metal Cam Buckle Tie Down Binder Strap

550Kg Metal Cam Buckle Tie Down Binder Strap
Width 25mm
Break strength 550kg
Buckle material Zinc alloy metal
Packing 200pcs/carton
Working temperature -40℃- 100℃
Standard EN12195-2:2000,          AS/NZS 4380-2001


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We always aim at honesty, truth-seeking, pragmatism, and a strong brand to promote the healthy and rapid development of the Cam Buckle Strappings and Belt industry and are committed to providing customers with high-quality products and first-class services. We sincerely hope to establish a long-term cooperation in the future. We develop together with our partners and increase our efforts in product development and innovation. We are constantly enriching our product structure and perfecting related product packages.
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