Stainless Steel Cam Straps With Protector

Stainless Steel Cam Straps With Protector
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Stainless Steel Cam Straps with protector


The Cam Buckle is able to accommodate a 1" webbing width. It is made from grade 304 stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance and durability. This ratchet buckle is ideal for marine and industrial light-duty tie-down and ratchet strap applications.

Stainless Steel Cam Strap made with 1 inch 100% high quality polyester yarn.

These Cam Buckles Are Used For Various Applications Like Tying And Restraining Webbing And Securing Loose Items.
These Products Are Hugely Popular As They Are Manufactured From 304 Grade Stainless Steel Giving Them The Best Rust Protection.

We can configure any tie-down to the specifications the customer needs.

CustomTieDowns's polyester tie-down webbing is made in the USA and is highest quality webbing. Our webbing is thicker than the competition, you will see and feel the difference in our webbing.

lashing strap

Cam buckle tie downs can be comprised of a fixed end, adjustable strap or just an endless loop. Because assembles tie-downs, we can configure the fixed end or the adjustable end independently for any item.

The fixed end is the strap or attachment directly attached to the cam buckle. Fixed ends may include just the strap or a strap and hook.

The adjustable strap is the strap that is inserted into the teeth of the cam buckle. It is the strap end that slides back and forth for adjustment and tightening.

Endless loop tie-downs only have one strap. They have a strap attached to the cam buckle, which is looped or wrapped around the cargo and the end is inserted into the cam buckle to form a loop.

The most important detail of selecting a cam buckle tie-down is the proper Working Load Limit. Each cam buckle tie-down is labeled with its working load limit. Never let your cargo exceed listed working load limit of the tie-down.

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