ratchet straps double j hook

Great metal 2inch GRIP ratchet buckle and durable double J hooks.

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Product Description:

1. 2inch metal ratchet straps double j hook.

2. 100% tenacity polyester belt material.

3. Exquisite textile technology makes best ratchet strap more durable and more anti-exposure.

4. 3000kgs breaking strength makes it standing out of various of 2inch ratcheting straps.

5. We seiko built this product to make it easier to use , and the ratchet tie down is more agile and less jammed.

6. In addition to this special color , you can also customize any color you want.

7. We support you custom the Break strength & Length & Color & Assembles of mini ratchet straps, please tell us if you have any need !

Ratceht double J hook strap

Item No.XLTD50105
Description:2 inch ratchet double J hook strap
Length:Any length
Ratchet:45# steel
Strap Material:100% high tenacity polyester yarn, AA grade

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Ratceht double J hook strap

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Ratceht double J hook strap


Ratceht double J hook strap