6'' Bungee Balls

6'' black bungee balls

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Product Description:

Bungee balls used to secure tarps to canopy frames or other fixed points.

Also prolong the lifespan of tarps and grommets by allowing slight movement.

As well as being used for tarpaulins, ball bungee can be used for securing items in the home, cars, on motorcycles, trailers, canopies, boating, camping, hauling, farming, trampolines and loads of other uses.

Many uses for Bungee Balls:

Tying off coiled rope, electrical cords, hoses, pet snakes, et cetera!

Tying down tarps for winterizing your boat or camper!

Securing objects for transportation, such as a bike or skis to a car rack!

Securing tarps to make a fort, uh shelter!

Bundling firewood, tent poles, or yard equipment!

Bundling fishing poles, household tools, or brooms and other long-handled home implements!

…but don’t think Bungee Balls are limited to just tying, securing, or bundling! The only thing limiting the use of Bungee Balls is your imagination!


Bungee balls

6 bungee balls

6 bungee balls

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6 bungee balls

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6 bungee balls

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6 bungee balls


6 bungee balls

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