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Usage For Bungee Cords

Apr 05, 2019

1´╝îIt can be used to bundle fixed bicycles, motorcycles, and electric vehicles in the back seat to prevent items from slipping.

2, can be used to bind the luggage, the items on the cart to prevent the items from slipping.

3, can be used to protect the goods on the minibus long-distance bus, to prevent the car from falling and hurting the passenger during the driving process.

As shown in Figure 4, it can be used to fence guardrails, fixed tents, trailer trunks and even bundled items.

5, can be used to make sports fitness equipment, all kinds of elastic products and so on.

As shown in Figure 6, bicycle rack luggage rope bag bundled rope motorcycle trunk tied with elastic rope elastic rope

As shown in Figure 7, motorcycle electric bicycle straps tied with luggage elastic rope elastic rope leather rope express pull tied cargo rope luggage rope