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Production Technology Of Hoisting Belt

Apr 13, 2017

1, warp sorting ① according to the tonnage requirements of the order to determine the number of barrel line (silk) equipment to the whole rack. ② respectively Remove the total number of roots through the holes into the porcelain pillars, around into the force circle, will always be the root of the number of Lacy, respectively, in batches into the reed set Reed, finishing. ③ in the whole process, found that oil diameter and not specifications of the thickness of the line should be cut off immediately, the phenomenon of broken diameter, from the shaft should be found out of thread, should not be replaced by winding. ④ hoisting belt must strictly follow the operating procedures, conscientiously do the self-test and do the self-test record. ⑤ The good weaving shaft is placed to the specified position to wait for the order.

2, wearing warp knitting weaving shaft to the weaving rack on the shaft, remove the total number of warp roots, according to the process of separate delivery to the fixed amplitude, led to brown box, wearing into the reed weaving. ② first Test machine, to stabilize the normal after the weaving of the broken up to the broken weft when the stop immediately processing. ③ strictly according to the operating procedures, conscientiously do the self-test and record. ④ according to the product need to remove the zone to be checked.

3, sewing ① wear and sewing, use the scrap test machine check line traces such as the pressure feet to meet the requirements. ② hoisting belt According to the length of supply broken belt, the fracture is flat. ③ according to the process requirements. ④ suture at the beginning and end of all must have a 25mm "back seam" in the 100mm suture length allowed to have a defect (such as the dislocation of the seam) leakage seam, disconnection, etc., each defect can be sewn to compensate, ring flexible strap overlap At least 50mm, stitch density, non-bearing capacity of 8-12-pin/10cm, the bearing capacity of 9-15 needle/10cm or increase the sewing needle density. ⑤ strictly according to the operating procedures, conscientiously do the self-test and record.

4, finishing ① will sew with a good thread removal. ② Check that there is no leakage seam does not meet the requirements of the repair seam until it meets the requirements.