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Performance Characteristics Of Different Materials In Hoisting Belt

Apr 13, 2017

The material of hoisting belt contains poly-benzoyl diphenyl amine fiber material, which makes the lifting belt specific anti-UV effect. We all know that ultraviolet Ray has played an important role in the growth of life, can effectively promote the formation of vitamins, with bactericidal effect, but excessive irradiation not only affect the Earth's environment, but also to the human body, the skin will cause great harm. Staff in lifting operations, often with these hoisting equipment contact, long-term time, will have a certain impact on the body, however, the emergence of the lifting belt just alleviate this injury, effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation.

Moreover, the kinds of hoisting belts are varied, and different kinds of hoisting belts can be used in different places. Hoisting belts are divided into flat harnesses, circular harnesses, and they also have their own subclasses. such as: circular strap inner bearing core adopts infinite surround to form circular, external use of 100%PES woven into the non-force casing to protect the bearing Bai, and the most common danger in lifting is the damage caused by the impact, and the circular sling will only flatten under intense impact, so the risk is zero; The flat sling is made of 100%PES through the preparation of stitching, and is fitted with different stitching methods, divided into single and double layers. In hoisting operations, can provide a wide, smooth carrying surface, the lifting of the soft surface of the object is particularly applicable, because of the lack of contact with metal, the suspended surface of the sprayed treatment is extremely slight injury.