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How To Consider The Comprehensive Factors That Should Be Noticed In The Use Of Hoisting Belt?

Apr 13, 2017

A lot of netizens have recently sent a message to us to ask such a question: How to consider the use of hoisting belt should be noticed in the integrated factors? Today, my company has given the answer to this question, the following is my company sorted out the answer:

There are many kinds of hoisting belts, there are single, duplex hoisting belts, multi-layer lifting belts and so on. At present, we often use the hoisting belt products are mainly used high-quality poly-vinegar industrial filament as raw materials, the structure is arranged by the parallel wire bundle consisting of surround-bearing ring sleeve (bearing core) with special wear-resisting casing, with longer service life. Select hoisting belt to know that it has excellent durability, moisture resistance, UV-resistant and chemical resistance, the use of quality unchanged. The lifting belt is not a stone not steel, so the sling should not be stored in the vicinity of open flame or other heat sources; In addition, the load coefficient of hoisting method should be strictly adhered to in use. Not to concentrate on the use of unprotected tie-knot hoisting method, each sling must be carefully inspected before use, if the use of high temperature occasions or suspended chemical substances such as the use of the abnormal circumstances of the sling, should be guided by manufacturers and vendors, recommendations for use. The sling is dirty or used in an acid-base environment. Should immediately wash clean with water; the lifting process should ensure that the load is not changed, if the use of several straps at the same time, as far as possible to make the load evenly distributed on each sling, the soft ring should not be connected with any device that may cause damage to it. In the use of the novice, in particular, to strictly follow the operation instructions, do not understand the place can also be like experience more rich predecessors study.