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Why we use polyester webbing for cargo straps?

Jan 10, 2018

Why we use polyester webbing for cargo straps?


Polyester webbing is extremely strong,yet lightweight,and it resistance against abrasion and UV rays,and limited water absorption.These characteristic make it a long-lasting and economical choice,especially for outdoor uses.


So polyester webbing can be widely used for tie-downs,cargo straps,tie straps,E-track straps,cam buckle straps,cam buckle tie down straps,cam straps,E-tracking straps,winch straps,tow straps,ratchet straps,ratchet tie down straps and so on.


Polyester cargo webbing VS Nylon webbing

Because polyester webbing and nylon webbing is very similar, many people can not distinguish between them.


Nylon will stretch significantly more than polyester,so it is not safe enough for cargo control use.So it is better to use as recovery straps,because for vehicle recovery the snatch effect is needed.But it is not a good idea to use stretchy nylon straps as tie down webbing,it can cause damage because the nylon straps lacks the tension needed to keep the item secure.