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Truck tensioner bundled with knowledge

Apr 19, 2019

1. Material:100% high tenacity polyester yarn

2. Length: According to customers requirement.

3. Specifications are as follows: 

1 inch with 2.5 cm strap. 

1.5 inch with 3.8 cm strap.

2 inch with strap 5.00 cm.

4. Polyester webbing Break strength:

    2.5cm webbing: 600kgs,800kgs

    3.8cm webbing: 2000kgs,3000kgs

    5cm webbing:2000kgs,5000kgs

-40°C~+100°C Tensioners are used for transporting, moving, or storing goods. They have a locking function, do not fall off, are safe, reliable, light, easy to operate, and protect objects from damage.