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Safe use of sling

Apr 13, 2017

Recently a lot of netizens have been message to us, ask such a question: What is the safety use of the sling? Today, my company has given the answer to this question, the following is my company sorted out the answer:

No overload is prohibited.

The unmarked sling shall not be used at the end of the rigging.

The parts on the sling assembly are periodically inspected according to the assembled part.

A distorted sling shall not be corrected by hammering.

The sling is forbidden to throw.

Do not pull the weights down or let them scroll on the sling.

Outside the acquisition of the sling must be professional manufacturers according to national standards for the production, inspection, certification and maintenance, maintenance manuals products. In the product obviously there must be difficult to wear the rated weight, production number, manufacturing date, production plant name and other signs. The use of units shall be based on the specifications and the use of environmental characteristics of the establishment of safe use procedures and maintenance system.