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Over-Center buckle straps

Jun 12, 2019

Over-Center buckles provide a nice simple way to tighten a tie down. Once threaded they are simpler to use than a ratchet buckle. Commonly used for battery tie downs and side walls of tents and trucks, this type 304 stainless steel model will provide years of service.

An over center buckle is an excellent tool to use for jobs that required a quick cinch. While less common than ratchet straps and cam buckle straps, an over center buckle is easy to use, and the latch mechanism creates less wear on the strap itself. The design also allows the webbing to create a layer of padding between the buckle and the cargo.

Constructed of a one piece base and lever arm, webbing is wound through the assembly. With the fastener in an open position, the user can feed the excess webbing through the assembly. Once slack is removed, closing the fastener will add tension to the webbing and hold it in place.