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History of the Rope

Apr 13, 2017

The class has learned to twist the rope after entering the fishing and hunting society, which is the prelude of spinning. 100,000 years ago, the cultural relics of the Hui Jia Kiln in Datong, Shanxi, unearthed 1000 stone balls. The cast Shi Suo is made of ropes and can throw stone balls against beasts when hunting. It can be inferred that people have learnt to use ropes.

The rope was originally made of a whole plant stalk. Later found the cleavage technology, is also the plant stem split (ie loose solution) for WISP, and then with many strands of rubbing (ie set) together, using torsion (add twist) after the friction between the strands of a long rope. In order to increase the strength of the rope, later also learned to use several strands of twist. The rope unearthed from the 4900 ruins of Hemudu, Zhejiang, was synthesized by two strands. In which the fiber bundle passes through splitting, single-stock plus has s to twist back, the joint partnership with Z to twist back, diameter up to 1 cm.