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Advantage For Bungee cords

Apr 03, 2019

1. The inner core of the product material is made of high-quality latex wire. very good. Strong anti-aging and not easy to damage. Even if it is often exposed to the sun and rain, it is not easy to age..

2. The two ends of the product are made of round metal tough hooks. Strong intensity. Not easily deformed. Durable. And it is not easy to scratch the items during use!

3. The three styles of the product are thickened and widened, and the quality is very good. Large stretch and long service life. Easy to use and easy to operate. Beautiful and practical can be a good match with the car!

4. the product is widely used and practical. In addition to being used on bicycles, electric vehicles, and motorcycles. It can be used more for trolleys, trailers and suitcases, as well as for bundled items. It is a good helper in your journey and life!