Cam Buckle Belt

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Cam buckles are great accessories to use with slings and belts for easy lifting and holding of heavy weight items. Thus, they are of great use in automobiles, cargo lifting, sports equipment, and many other utility types of equipment. Cam Buckle Belt are great for fastening tight and easy to use, as the clasp has a tight grip, yet open so fluidly.

 Ratchet straps are used for tying down goods in transit or storage to prevent movement. Cam Buckle straps are simple to use and the webbing is pulled through the buckle to achieved the desired tension. When required, your load is easily loosened using the quick release system of the Cam Buckle.

1)High Tenacity Polyester webbing has a high resistance to abrasion

2)Webbing does not weaken with age.

3)Ability to absorb shocks.

4)No hidden corrosion - can be easily checked by eye for damage.

5)Less risk of damage to the load or to painted/Coated surfaces.

6)Supple - can adapt to fit the load easily thereby reducing the chances of damage.

7)Easy and quick to use, saving time and thus saving costs



How to use

To thread the cam buckle, depress the lever and pull one end of the strap up through the bottom of the fastener.

Then, release the lever and continue pulling the strap until it is suitably tight.

To release tension on the strap, depress the lever and pull the strap from the bottom of the cam buckle.

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