Bungee Cord With Plastic Hooks

Bungee Cord With Plastic Hooks
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Bungee Cord with plastic hooks


The bungee cord is ideal for securing items around the home, at work, and in your vehicle. With an extra large, steel core hook, it stands up to the elements and won't mar surfaces. 

  • Great for securing items around the house, at work or in your vehicle

  • Strong, steel core

  • Scratch and weather resistant

PERFECT FOR A WIDE RANGE OF SITUATIONS – Whether you’re working in your house or yard, or out in your car, SUV, truck, minivan, or on your motorcycle, ATV or bicycle, the bungee cord will meet all your needs. 


Some cheaper bungee cords just aren’t built to last. They seem great at first but after a few weeks you realize they’re flimsy and cheap and fall apart easily. The hooks rust and cause damage to your personal belongings.

Well, you don’t have to worry about that at ours. We care about our customers and go the extra mile to make sure these sturdy bungee cord last, no matter what you use them for. Plus they are UV resistant, so they can withstand the harshest elements from the strongest winds to the brightest sunshine and still look good as new!




Heavy Duty Bungee Cord with Heavy Duty Plastic Hooks


Material:high quality pp yarn rubber thread

Heat treated steel core hooks
Diameter: 8mm,9mm,10mm

Length: 18",24",32",36",40" and so on


Extra wide hook openings impove fit and performance 



1.Extreme caution should be taken when cords/straps are stretched. 

2.DO NOT stretch beyond 50% of unstretched length.

3.DO NOT OVERSTRETCH.Hook should be firmly held and securely fastened.

4.When stretched,the cord/strap may rebound and snap back with considerable force.

5.Care should be taken that the face and other vulnerable body parts are kept away from potential cord/strap rebound.

6.Protective eyewear should be worn when fastening and releasing product.

7.If hooks,cords or straps show signs of wear.DO NOT USE.


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