9 Inch Heavy Duty Ball Bungee Cords

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9 inch heavy duty ball bungee cords

Elastic Bungee Cord Ball Loop, ideal for but not limited to securing tarpaulins to market stall frames without the need for market stall clips. Also a popular product for DIY enthusiasts, boat owners, campers and caravanners. 

Bungee ball ties are ideal for quickly securing tarpaulins, awnings and covers. Made using bungee cord (also known as shock cord), an elastic cord made of one or more rubber strands forming a core, covered in a polypropylene sheath. Bungee ball ties are used to secure objects without tying knots. Bungee ball ties are capable of 100% elongation.


Description:4mm/5mm ball bungee cords
Material:outside pp yarn+inside rubber thread/latex thread

Please note - warning: Use caution when stretching and/or releasing cord. Keep eyes, face, unprotected parts of the body & children out of any rebound path. Protective eyewear is recommended when installing any elasticated product, uncontrolled release can cause injury. Do not use for personal restraint, lifting or towing. Check cord regularly for any signs of wear or damage especially when stretched more than 25% of unstretched length.

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